The Perfect Bearded Dragon’s Cage

When we build a home we take into consideration many different factors. So we must for our pets home, and our dragon is no exception. In order for him to be as comfortable as possible we need to make it as natural as possible.

One of the considerations, possibly the most important, is the size of the enclosure. This is determined by the age and size of our bearded dragon. For the baby dragon, hatchlings, a 15 gallon or 60 litre an enclosure will be the correct size, but much too small for a juvenile or adult. A 30 to 50 gallon or 200 to 250 litre enclosure is more appropriate for them.

For a baby bearded dragon an enclosure that is too large could result in the baby starving to death or at the least not develop adequately as there is too much ‘hop space’ for the live crickets. The baby will be too slow and will be unable to catch them and thus spend too much energy catching his food instead of growing.

An adult in a small enclosure will become fat and lazy and suffer from stress. The small enclosure does not allow for sufficient exercise, as with all creatures we are made to move. The small enclosure does not allow for the bearded dragon to hide. They generally have a spot that they feel more secure in.

Every home has to have the correct furniture and your bearded dragons home is no different. The enclosure cannot remain bare as your dragon will not get any exercise and will not have a place to hide and relax. The basics are a sturdy hide box and climbing structures. These can be purchased from a pet shop.

Ordinary household items, such as pieces of wood can be used to make things such as hide

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7 Awesome Lizard Gecko Facts That You May Not Have Known About

Leopard geckos are a pretty cool pet to have. If you are looking for a pet that doesn’t have fur, this is the perfect pet to invest in. This gecko has several different characteristics that make them unique from other creatures. If you are trying to get away from pets that leave behind swirls of fur on your carpet and grooming expenses, getting a leopard gecko is a great direction to go in. There are several facts that you must acknowledge.

Fact #1

One of the best gecko facts is that these particular geckos have a voice! Although they are not able to speak, they have a bark that warns you when they are agitated. These geckos can become stressed and agitated for several different reasons. When a leopard gecko has reached his boiling point, it will bark, sending you a warning that they have had enough.

Fact #2

As far as these gecko facts are concerned, one of the coolest facts about these creatures is that they have eyelids! If you take notice, you will find that other types of geckos do not have eyelids. These particular geckos have the ability to blink and close their eyes while they are sleeping.

Fact #3

The leopard gecko has a defense mechanism that gives them a chance to survive. If at any time they are captured by a predator by the tail, their tail comes off, which will give them time to evade their predator. The tail will grow back, but it will not be as long as the original tail.

Fact #4

As you may have figured, these geckos are nocturnal animals. This means that they sleep and rest during the day and come out at night. During the night time, they hunt for food and are the most active. When the sun is about to come up

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Vivarium for Sub-Aquatic Animals

A vivarium is a sort of artificial world made by humans to simulate the natural environment for a particular animal held in captivity. While this might initially seem like not much of a hobby for such a fancy name; the truth is, many people obtain great joy out of building vivariums – it allows them a measure of great artistic expression and freedom; not so unlike a painting of a natural setting.

The first thing to do when setting out to construct such an environment is to have the animal in mind for which it is intended. Fire salamanders, for example, will have different environmental requirements (if only for comfort; although usually it’s more than that) than paddle tail newts. Since this is an article for paddle tail newt enclosures, we’ll focus on these for the time being.

The paddle tail newt is a somewhat rare amphibian that sometimes passes for the much-lauded fire-belly newt, even though they are derived from different species (which basically means, they cannot breed with each other). Their median size is just about half-a-foot, which means that the environment you opt for cannot be too small; indeed, there is a recommended fifteen gallon minimum for each paddle tail newt you choose to harbor. You can expect these wonderful creatures, native to south-central China, to last for a decade – they will definitely become a constant for a considerable portion of your life.

Beyond the fact that paddle tail newts can look like their fire-bellied distant brethren, the ones you’ll get over here in the States for your home-made vivarium will have brown-to-black skin, with a burnt cinnamon underbelly with hints of red scattered about. Other than that, they pretty much look like… salamanders. As for their temperament, it’s a good idea to either house them alone, or

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Is An African Dwarf Frog The Right Pet For You?

African Dwarf Frogs are one of the absolute best choices for first time owners of exotic pets, but they’re also well suited for experienced keepers and breeders. They’re very simple to take care of, and setting up the aquarium isn’t particularly difficult either as these frogs are exclusively aquatic and so require nothing more complex than a basic fish tank. This makes for a very welcome change from the problematic task of creating a home for a creature that will need both land and water, as is the case with many other amphibians.

One of the reasons many people shy away from getting their first exotic pet is the unpleasantness of feeding the animal live food such as cockroaches or baby mice, which is understandably upsetting (or just plain disgusting!) for many people. Fortunately this isn’t an issue with African Dwarf Frogs, because while they can be fed live food, frozen food can be used instead, or even pellets, as these frogs use scent rather than movement to find their food. They should however be fed every day, so if you’re not around for long periods of time, a different pet would probably be more suitable.

Unlike many amphibians regularly found in the pet trade, African Dwarf Frogs are pretty small (not exceeding 1.5″ normally) and they don’t take up too much space, with only two gallons of water needed for each frog. So even if you live in a tiny apartment, there’s almost guaranteed to be enough room for a few of these little creatures.

While they’re perfectly content to live alone, you can keep several African Dwarf Frogs in the same tank, or even keep other creatures with them if you want. Putting a few fish in with the frogs is pretty common practice, and shouldn’t cause any problems as long

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Keeping Your Pet Reptiles Happy and Healthy

Pet reptiles such as snakes, bearded dragons, and crested geckos don’t run around, shed fur, and scratch expensive furniture, and yet they can still be a sight to behold. Just like dogs and cats, though, reptiles require your uttermost attention in order for them to live long, quality lives under your care.

Avoid Breeding Reptiles at Home

Every year, millions of animals all over the world are being put to sleep due to lack of shelters for them to stay in, so unless you can provide enough space for several reptiles in your property, avoid breeding reptiles at home. If you have a python, for instance, you need to understand that one python can lay dozens of eggs, which means you need to have that same number of cages or container for each of the babies. These babies will eventually grow big, however, and take up more space. If you want your pet reptiles to be given the care and attention they need, let this be your number one consideration.

Provide Excellent Housing

Most reptiles are not like dogs and cats that love to run and play a lot. Nevertheless, they still deserve decent housings where they can have enough space to move around. This is crucial for muscle development. Many times, you will see reptile owners keeping snakes in long aquariums, yet with not enough height. This may seem okay since snakes simply crawl around. However, you need to understand that snakes can climb trees, too, so giving them a tall cage with several tree branches to climb on is the ideal thing to do.

Offer Nothing but High-Quality Food

Each reptile has its own unique needs in terms of feeding. Some people think snakes only need to be fed once a month, but this is a myth. In fact, most reptiles need to be

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How to Replicate the Natural Environment for Your Turtle

The terrarium should ideally replicate the environment your turtle would have in nature. This article discusses how to provide the turtles with the most suitable living environment.

Space Requirements

Space is probably the most important factor when it comes to the comfort of your pet. In case of tortoise the space requirements should be decided considering the size and habits of your turtle. Some turtles do not grow too big while others grow to extraordinary sizes. Similarly some turtles are not very active whereas some like to climb, explore, dig and burrow. Therefore it is important to understand the habit and growth characteristics of your turtle before planning to make or purchase a terrarium.

Hide Boxes and Substrate

A couple of important factors that contribute to providing your turtle with a natural environment are hide boxes and substrate. Substrate is the ground that your turtle will live on and hide boxes give your turtle a feeling of safety. There are many different kinds of substrates to choose from. Sterilized sand, pet carpet, artificial pebbles and mulch style mixes are the most popular. The substrate must complement the needs of your turtle. Turtles usually like to have pebble substrate but it is good to have different substrates in different portions of the terrarium. Rock and sand substrates provide good basking area for the turtle because of their ability to retain heat.

Maintaining a proper temperature

Many people believe that because reptiles are cold blooded animals, keeping them in high temperatures is healthier. It is a wrong perception – being cold blooded means that they can’t adjust their body temperature internally. Therefore, your terrarium must provide an appropriate range of temperature to the turtle. Turtles feel comfortable moving between cool and warm areas. To have your terrarium both cool and warm areas you can heat one of its

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Leatherback Turtle Information

Unlike a number of other turtles which can be found, the leatherback has a soft shell, which is where the name originates. The shell consists of tiny bones, which are covered with a rubbery hard skin providing the leathery structure. The adults are mainly brownish or black with pale markings on their body.

Young leatherback turtles have white marks on their flippers. Generally, you will find this variety of turtles in warmer seas, in which they spend most part of their existence. It is well-known, that they can dive as deep as 4,200 feet. Really impressive diving capability.

Female turtle will crawl to sand shores in order to dig a hole for eggs. It is the only occasion, that these types of turtles come on dry land. Females lay down up to 80 eggs, and then protect them with fine sand and return to the water. After two months hatchlings make their way to the sea.

There are over 30,000 nesting females around the world, nevertheless, just one in a 1000 turtles mature to the adult years. A combination of the loss of suitable nesting habitat and egg poaching has resulted in a decrease in numbers. Many turtles die every year, when eating plastic trash floating in the oceans.

Leatherback sea turtles look in coastal areas for food. They can move very long distances if endangered, or when searching for new feeding areas. Often, you will discover these turtles from Norway to New Zealand. It is easy to find them in Pacific ocean as well as Atlantic ocean. In truth, there are few oceans in which the leatherback sea turtle can’t be encountered.

Turtle eggs are considered as a delicacy in a lot of countries around the world. In Malaysia and many parts of the Caribbeans, eggs are considered to be an aphrodisiac. Even though

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